Circa 2013 – Part 2, Requiem Of Black Cat Deja Vu


Black cat déjà vu
Do you like to remind ones self?….

From passing headlight reflections
I’v seen your cat eyes light up in complete darkness……

Nefarious indeed…

Beckons me…

Now I find myself distracted by your gaze….

Black cat déjà vu
Curiosity never killed you
9 lives never left your will….

Lick in between each paw
Sprawled out on the rug
Rest in seclusion

Black cat déjà vu
Cadaver souls sealed behind plexiglass tanks
Only wishful thinking……

If only they could gorge themselves in a conscious state…..

Fish food starts to float to the bottom
Frozen ajar orifices
Air stones cause them to twitch every once in awhile….

Black cat déjà vu
Awaken from your slumber
Parched mouth
Thirst for milk…..

Once you’ve quenched your throat
Think about the next cadaver soul to wake…..

Whiskers lead you to the alcove
Well hidden in the walls
Is a small opening just for you
Beyond here
Several tanks hold collected souls……

Each one identified
Has never been shown their death

Sensing your presence
Twitching becomes more erratic….

A soul was caught by your stare…..

Black cat déjà vu
Bringing the soul to the place were they died
Replay their death through their eyes

Send it off afterwards
Either direction don’t matter
Fire abyss, paved golden streets or a second chance to live
That’s not your decision for them
Walking back home from that experience once again
A man passes by
Sees you
& spits in his hat



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