Circa 2013 – Part 1, Black Cat Deja Vu


Déjà vu
Black cat purrs
Tail rubs up against leg
Neck bent down
Starring out wide open
Broken window
Torn blinds, shatter glass, partial flesh
Left behind!
Tears covered arm rest
Hair rested over to
She can’t decide
Grabs small hand gun from her husbands suitcase
Russian roulette
Silver bullets
Rest in hand
Man tied up & gaged
Bleeding from a fallen frame
From being knocked up against wall
She gets up
Rocks him in the head with her knee
Headed to the bathroom
Wipes makeup off face
Looks down
Places one round in
Spins chamber once
Déjà vu
Your body hits poolside water so hard
Felt more like concrete
Imagine what that must of looked like
Cascading blood & guts
Spill over from the breathtaking view
Screams heard all the way up to the 50th floor
Déjà vu
She left in the morning for work
Pink lipstick love message on medicine cabinet
Hit snooze button
Continued to sleep a little extra
Pull the sheet from eyes
Light pours into irises
Message read
Shower curtain
Held by brass rings
Steam filled bathroom
Escapes through bottom opening
Bellowing out
Déjà vu
She takes her time
Driving towards small city district
Picking up fresh produce
Shes planning a special dinner for tonight
Déjà vu
Tinted windows
Pulls up under awning
Walks in nonchalantly
“Room #100 just got cleaned out on the 50th floor, your right across from room 98”
Grabs card key
Pulls into parking space
Eyes quickly pass up the many stories
Déjà vu
Sitting on coach
Feet kicked up
Reading the paper
All dressed up
Elevator reaches your floor
Sound of wheels travel down the hallway
Beep & shut
Déjà vu
Set bag on dressed bed
Zipper pulled
Flip open
Hands move clothes aside
Reaches for gun
Looks left & right down hall way
Knocking at your door
Peer through eyehole
O, s***!, how did he find me?
Door kicked in
Turning to run
Silent shots go off
Piercing your back
Laying on a blood stained carpet on your stomach
He comes up on you
Dragging you over to the window
Struggling to stand up
Déjà vu
She returns back from shopping
Elevator ride up
Broken splinters on the floor lay in the hall way
Dropping bags immediately
Rushing to
The situation putting you back into your fleshly eyes
Watching it replay itself for the first time
One last glance at your pretty wife
Silent shots fired into chest
Kicking you through the window
Flesh caught on broken glass
Wind up against your back
Get lost into the moving sky
Your life seems to slow down
Falling towards the end
Déjà vu
Nothing she can do
Bum rushes the man
Grabs him quick
Takes ahold of his neck
Throwing him into the wall
A picture frame falls off
Déjà vu
After spinning the chamber
I want you to answer my ?’s!
Places barrel to his nuts
Removes gag from his evil mouth
Slowly pulls back on trigger
He jumps
Mouth still sealed
Slowly pulls trigger again
Alright! I’ll speak, just don’t blow my nuts away
I came here cause your husband had a hit out on him
Why? She says
Your husband left my brother out in the desert to die,
yep, we found him dead, poisoned by a scorpion.
Where’s the letter at, stating the hit?
A smirk on his face lit up
Checking his pockets
She pulls out the letter
See’s her husband’s name & her’s
Where is your boss located at?
Ha, you must be out of your fucking mind bitch!
Saying your lucky
Okay, he says
After giving the address
Pulls the trigger slowly
Click, bang!
Your weren’t lucky that time
She struggles to drag him over to the window
Kicks his body out
More screams rise to the 50th floor
Déjà vu
Looking down at what is left of your dead husband
Black cat purrs
Tail rubs up against her leg
Struts away
Into the hall way
Cops rush in
Interrogated that night
I shot him,
cause he was coming after me
Miss, your free to go
A cop was kind enough to take her to the airport
Walking in the front door
Black cat walks in from behind
Déjà vu…..

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

I had a lot of fun writing these both, very dark, enjoy.


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