Circa 2013 – Deep Red


Deep red!

Crimson color bleeds throughout the pinkish pedals

Inside the blossom

Sweet nectar sticks to the stem

Land delicately on her

I try not to tickle her

Feeding off the nectar

It tantalizes me

Desiring for more

Can’t get enough of

She’s like a flower to me

Fully bloomed

Deep red!

Saliva from my tongue drips

For more

The taste absorbs into my mouth

Has the wind blows the flower around like crazy

She felt me go deeper in

Underneath to the the other side of red

Were more of the sweet nectar hid

It tantalizes me

I come back for more

Once I’v told others about our love

Deep red!

Crimson color drew me in

Sweet nectar brought me closer to her

I’ll want to wither and die with you

Who knows when that time will be

Until then, will you stay with me?

I want to know more about her

Picture taken by me.


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