Circa 2013 “Depth To My Dreams”


Sit down from a long day,
Comfortly sink into the chair,
Canceling out any noises so they don’t interfere,
Quickly pass out in a deep state of lucidity,
A dream within a dream if you know what I mean?,

Layers one and two start out fine,
When I slip into three,
Things begin to get a bit crazy,
My eyes glitter with desire as I see her walking over to the round filled mercury tubes,

In a black cherry colored dress with nylon stockings,
Long thick black hair leads to the center of her curved back,
I can’t read the feelings I get from her yet,
Intrigued by the solid liquid filled tubes,

Mercury is now falling,
Landing onto antique floorboards,
Breaks away into several silver beads,
She follows after for a taste,

Coming up close for a taste of poison,
Mouth wide open,
She sticks her pink tongue out,
Tainted lips coverd in silver,
She’s not effected by the poison,

I follow her into the room ahead with a suspeneded bed,
Laying side by side,
Slowly pulling me in,
Lips covered in silver,

Dimples on her face form when she goes in for a kiss,
Both lips pull away,
Slowy the veins in my face turn silver,
Spread all throughout my weak body,

I awaken from my deep sleep,

Standing over me,
My eyes glitter with desire to see her reach down to kiss my lips


Going back to this post, I wanted to incorporate mercury in this post, seduction and the state of dreaming


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