Tasteful Notion


Quit the paradox

Of all undoing

So whats it to me, that  i’v been taken this way?

Drawn so close to this new energy

Cause if it makes me weak

I might not part with it so easily

The nutrients were worth the struggle to obtain

The path behind left a gory mess, for no one will want to pick up a clean rag and make it dirty

So I ask again

What’s the worth here for me?

You can’t keep quite for so long

You feel, the answer to this, see its creating a whole another monster inside

I see it through the seams of your deep emotion

It wants to tear open!

Taking apart everything around me

Till the answer is clear

And then you can become absent

How sweet  though, the nutrients can be

Quit the time, send off, you’ll go

Might return with why you wanted to help me

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

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