My Calling Out

Where do I even begin…..

Crying, as I been in this battle against myself for to long

Broken and emptiness led me to where I am now

My lips dry

Raise my head

My voice silent

I’v shown a false me in front of the ones I love

Come restore me

O, God!

Things that I’v done, lead to destruction

O, God! Come restore me

Prepare me to get passed, for the worst is to come first

I know the clearly side of things

Admit that I was wrong

You always carry me on

I’v repeatly fallen and rise

Behind a face of lies

Guidance, all the guidance I’v been given, all I do is throw back in your face!

O God! Come Restore me

I’m giving you my whole voice, from the bottom of this shame

Come Restore me!

By : ObligatoryInsightPoet


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