Jokes Aside

Don’t make jokes of my mistakes

Going down with a fist of fury

Tell your enemy’s to move aside

Choose wisely, the battles that are worth fighting

Only to take the beast out of the game!

Ignite, watch a fiery blaze take out what you thought the enemy had over you

Gather your strength in a instance

There is no more crawling your way through fallen rubble

How much longer will you take to heal!

There are many others that could use your help!

Being selfish, should no longer be a issue with you

Go forth, go forth

Many children have grown to have broken hearts

Your own pride is not important anymore

If it was your own kin, would you only care?

People never stop looking for a way out, only to sink their problems deeper

Some not knowing which way to go

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


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