Looked Up To

We all have generational curse that tries to hold us back

My child! you live a life of laziness

Your children! they look up to you

Help me to give them the guidance that they need

We look for answers in the wrong theology

Lead them! Lead them!

Watching my children grow

Is a dream come true

My past! Will not follow them

Each day I watch them grow

Is more then a dream come true

Cause the guidance they look for

Can’t be found in a fairy tale

When they look up to you!

What do you want them to see in you?!

Watch what you teach

Some things were never founded on good values

You are not your past

Now your daughter is pregnant and underage from a kid who is barely sprouting peach fuzz

When your young child’s eyes look up to you

What do they see?

Before they are to grown

Continue to dream for them

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

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