Engulf my subtle ways

Star gazed patterns travel over the transparent layer

We aren’t exiles

And if God.

He’s not to be reckoned with

All our hearts have been broken

Unto the dead bodies roting away slowly in their graves

A sign, generations will one day meet again!

Looking over us in sorrow

The jealous heart of a king!

And we find a temporary escape into things that will never make us happy in the end

Demand to be seen

We alter our minds with things made by man!

Lured into false hope, by your own fault!

Left with a broken heart!

We continue to search

Choose not to stay in awe by our own mistakes

But in awe, when we first learn to love ourselves

Refusing for everyone to live in ruin

Always bank on overcoming your own struggles

And back up will lead right behind you

Hard surface that you’ve landed on

Will only become a grave or a foundation

Can you feel a sign that I resign in you…..

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet



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