Filth Of All

System failure!

Digital age run by high class ripoffs

Greed bleeds all over the streets

And there, the pain lyes of all the population, who’s been left out to defend

And to who said “we the people”

That’s bull!

Standing behind a podium…. feeding their lyes over the airways

Thinking it can be done any better

When you have a different leader move into office

No ones greed will ever stop, from where it started

Fresh green rolls off the presses

Pocket it fast

Might be enough to go around!

Never, will it make anybody…. Content!

So what now?

Day in and out

False hope being fed

Never stop living in the sight of freedom…. that we all have

Filth of what we all can become

The filth that lyes underneath a government function

Leaves a bad taste in our mouths





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