She Died To Her Old Ways

into prominence estrange depths of her cerebral I go

a syringe filled with black ink

then a peirced needle to numb the undertow 

excreted black ink disperses into her cerebral 

covering blemishes with makeup

she, standing in front of the mirror

mirrored image embodies her beauty very well

she dresses her quivering lips

ready to find love from after drinking alcohol 

men know her very well in the classy bars she’s been in 

and the smell of freshly stacked green dollar bills stink even though they pay her well

after the night is over she will return to a broken home 

she thinks there is no better way to pay the bills

so then, before she leaves for another night 

standing in front of her mirrored image

starting to feel the effects from the black ink

staggering over to the run down bed

sitting, she faints 

dying to her oldself 

…….she wakens 

feeling clean


to a newly discovered place 

clinging onto the new life she’s been given 

never losing sight of the past



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