I Hope Anguish Doesn’t Come Your Way


Toss the flares up

The danger could be near, some might say

Unknown due date of this world

Watch for our resources to run low

Peace might never happen 

Consumed in their greed…..

Watch for the high powers to fall first

And the EARTH!, kept by the warmth of the center CORE!

Could be a disaster waiting to happen way deep below our feet

Or the great space between us could create a black hole 

Then I quess we’d all be gone

We could be running in fear as comets cover our whole land, leaving huge indentations 

Imagine all the chaose that can come to us…..

Unknown total destruction could come to us at short notice 

There is no need to toss the flares for hope 

Might it be, could there be hope from another alien race

Resonating signals into space from a man made satelites

Don’t get disappointed when there is no response back

Science hasn’t been able to explain everything

Don’t be so sure to put all your hope into this so called beuitful world we call home…..

It’s just likely to rot and burn

Watch for all the high powers of this world to take the first FALL!

And from there after, what comes next

It doesn’t get any better

when all becomes silent

after burying the dead

don’t dig up the past

instead, plant new life 

thrive off this new beginning 



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