Vamped Eyes


She shows me… to the bedroom.

Lying under the sheets together..

And the breeze coming  from the opening in the window…

It moves me.

Sheer sheets move like the sea… from the breeze

I get lost into her vamped deep, dark blue eyes

Her fragrance gets into my skin..

The taste of her Body!

It moves me

I’m much more drawn to her…

Then any other lover.

That I’v had in my past before

So this is how my crumbled world…

Gets rebuild by the help of her.

She silences the fatal ones…

With her silver tongue.

Sun hides behind the full moon

Temperature drops below…

Her skin cold.

We become intwined so I can keep her warm

Outside the stars race over the vamped sky

Waves crash upon the shore

The soft light from the moon catches the snowflakes as they fall.

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


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