Silence In The Morning

20131013-231148.jpgSpending your sleepless nights alone

Is it even worth the fight?

Grinding teeth in your sleep from stress

Aside from worst threats that don’t begin to own you

Of others wanting your land

Till those fields again 

Once coverd in brim stone 

Finish up at dusk til dawn

Cup your hands together

Under running warm water coming from a facet

Cleanse pores filled with dust and dirt

Razor blade shaking in hand up against wrinkled face

Small sting 

Droplets of blood dispers in sink filled with dust and dirt

Cleanse whole body in cast iron tub

Pistol lays on top of pile of dirty clothes 

Creaking floor boards heading into your bedroom

Placing gun in weathered spot were its hung for years on a post of your bed

It begins to rain just before light rises to day

Waking you up from rain hitting a metal roof

Take a peek through small window pane 

8 men with rifles and horses pointed at your shack standing in front ready to shot

All you have is 6 rounds to kill with 

Bare footed you crawl to the front door on all fours 

Standing up slow, you wait for one man to open the front door

Eek…. Eek………… Eek
Pulling the trigger back slowly
The barrel of his gun sticks in first
Then the mans head leans in to take a peek
Being quick to pull the trigger
One bullet tears through one ear and out the other

The other men begin to fire rapidly at the house
Dropping to the floor on your back
A bullet tears through your left knee
Making it into the tub
Waiting for someone to reload
Your chance has come 
A shadow of man can be seen over the window in the bathroom
Waiting for the shadow to move at the precise time you fire a round just as the man steps right in front of the window
A bullet blows through glass and leaves chunks from his jaw

All firing stops
Breath silence in the air
From a far
A few bullets from a mountain top drop 3 men
Sending the horses in a buck wild frenzy
Knocking 3 men off their horses

Limping on one leg walking out the front door
After hearing three shots from the distance go off
Your eyes are set on the 3 fallen men
Waisting no time you fire direct hits to each one

The last guy remains confused 
Tossing his gun aside 
He gets down from his horse in a frantic gesture
Lining your sight up 
You blow his knee out
After rounding up the scattered horses 
You take a ride up to meet your backup and thank him 

Your horse trouting towards back to the house 
You find the last man slowly crawling along 
Looking down at him briefly as your moving along
You don’t even stop 

No more spending sleepless nights alone 

At first light your up and replacing the planks on the side of your house that were covered in bullet holes

Fixing up until the sun goes down

Resting your head on the pillow

At first light 

Silence in the house

You remain dead in your bed

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet




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