vines, roots & tourniquet

20131012-102225.jpgClose your…..

Gravity takes you down with the dead falling shaded colored leafs

Partially naked, wrapped by a tourniquet 

Slowly descending down by gravity

Sorrounded by the hollow trees

Fog finds its only path down, twirling around each timber 

Fiends scatter from the thick blanket of fog covering the forest floor

For a slower decent 

Roots and vines arise from the mud and trees to come and grab you 

Wrapped in bondage by the roots, vines and tourniquet 

Released, now laying

The fog dissipates 

Vines and roots retract back into the earth and trees to feed

Like a new born baby

Learn your sorroundings 

Extended one appendage out

Pick up the soil we all once came from….
infested by the worms.

It’s inevitable

Decomposition will come to claim you

On the opposite side 

You’ll see yourself taken by gravity 

Were this time you’ve fallen into one of your eyes

The iris is then pulled from the center to make a spiral staircase 

Pupil drops to the last spiral step

Dark liquid matter sits motionless

Gravity pulls you in 

Return to a better state 

At first cracking light through the open blind

Open your…..

Seldom do feel and dream what’s inside yourself

Only when you tune out what’s outside these four corner walls of your prism mind

Do you feel things more indirectly 

Gravity will drop your body down slow 

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet



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