Echoing Secrets Off Arched Wall


Tide rises
Convene with me
Underneath the arch coverd in partial graffiti
During when
Busy feet hover
From the souls of others
Cross over at first light
Convene with me
Whispering secrets
Echo off arched walls
Back & forth from one another
Specular reflection
From calm water
Shows up underneath arch
Last soul makes it over before the morning rain
Temporally blocked in from both sides
Of non stop raining walls
Nothing can break our locked stare
I go for a kiss on her hand
Sounds like the beginning of a crack
I must be hearing things?
Then a kiss on her rosy cheek
Followed by another small cracking noise
I’m still convinced
It’s only my imagination
Pressed in lightly
Lip to lip
Both my hands on her back
A silent crack
Felt by my hand
Cracking spreads from up her legs & wrist
Race to her face
Down her neck & back
Around her sides
Pause of silence……….
Her outer shell
Breaks away in front of me
Elemental dust particles
To the form of her dazzling body
Are taken by the quick breeze
That passes underneath the arch
Mixed in with the rain
Washed off into the low tide
Supernatural attractive spirit
Hovers until
I come back that morning
Way before the sun rises
Saying our goodbyes
Then she crossed over at first light



3 responses to “Echoing Secrets Off Arched Wall

  1. you have a remarkable ability to capture human tenderness with a phrase, human vulnerability with a line. lovely verse. tony

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