Wet Concrete


The aftermarket glue that you bought

Multicolored tacks
Cover the whole entire cork board

Thread a line around everyone you stuck
Pin point the closest destination
From the relocation
That just happened to you

Only problem is
You forgot to put up the 1800’s map

The flavor of the glue in your mouth

Spy paper airplanes
Cast grand shadows
Over missing shingles
You think they are flying over your house

Find it hard to accept
Ninjas found the hidden treasures
Way before you

The colored candy dots
You’ve pulled off the paper one at a time

Step out your front door
Onto the lawn
Its a mine field of covered dog poo

Hop onto your board
Cruising down the block on polyurethane wheels
This is the next best thing to surfing

Foot stop
Atop a steep incline
Looking down
You see crows flying around

Into aerodynamic position
Super sonic speed, it seems
Both you & the board go flying off the ramp

Mouth wide open
Facial blank expression
Skin & tongue flapping in the wind

Savor the flavor of bug juice in your mouth

When you think you’ve landed on total softness
Think again

Your legs stand stiff in wet concrete
The other half of you
Lays just few feet ahead.



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