Mellow Dramatic, What?!


Mellow dramatic seagulls
Filled with laxatives

Premature dropping of bunker busters
Miles deep down
Never ignite

Become history
Surfaced by a archeologist’s swift bush
War paint still in tacked

Aerial dog shows
Fighting in the mist of tracer rounds

Miss communication
From back seat cockpit gunner pilot

Hit! Hit!
Injected seats
Several green army men
Parachute to the battlefield

Fall in from the drawn in background landscape
Remote controlled tanks
Powered by batteries
& radio antenna

Turrets aimed directly at the ant’s front line of defense
Mortars fired
Taking out mounds

Outpost set up
In mid afternoon

Ants can’t eat through plastic

Total chaos released

A million black ants pour out

Out numbered plastic soldiers
Carried away to embankment

Magnifying glass moves in over the battlefield
Steady beam
Takes out strong numbers in a cluster
Those darn black ants, that is.

Gather the troops & celebrate!



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