Wings Stretched Out From……


Heighten senses

Smooth skin tingles

Eye lash kisses

Tasteful desires

Building anticipation

Central nerves become more sensitive

Ascend more slowly up her

Keep her guessing

Small of back

Covered in kisses

Two half naked bodies

I glide over

Silk like skin

Pores start to secrete sweat

From forehead

She’s…. in for a pleasurable good time

Pressure points release endorphins

Warm breath…

Sends chills down her spine

She grabs onto the sheets

Feet dig into bed

She clings to me….

Angel wings

Stretch out from her back

Wrapping around me

No penetration to be felt yet

Take us away!

And scud aross the moving river!

Turning back up into the firefly mid summer’s night air

Get let losed into the….. moon!

Angel wings wrapped around me!

Fly away……

Send me…. Keep coming back for more of you!

River bends…

We continue to skim across

Until we end up

Crashing into plush sheets of silk

Her wings retract

Remains clinged to me!….

Passion explodes

Creating exquisite art between us!

Few feathers left in bed

From waking up

To that wonderful night we shared

Send myself to get losed in the moon again, even skim aross the bending river with her

Another night I wait for!



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