Glowing Poison


They broke in
Men in white suits
Not from a mental institution
Abducted her while I was at work
Cell rang from inside my pocket
Urgent call!
Neighbor saw part of it go down
She walked on over
They clubbed her & my soon to be wife in the head
Once my neighbor came to
That’s when my cell rang!
She wrote down the numbers & letters on thier plate
As they pulled away
She, shakened in her voice
I said in a calm way
You need to calm down & try to remember everything you saw
I immediately left from my gun training
By the time I got home
Cops swarmed the streets
Before I hung up the phone with my neighbor
I said don’t release any info to the cops
Im going deal with those white suit punks!
I told the cops off, leave my property!
Looking over the scene with eagle eyes
Making sure not to miss anything
Torn sheets, smashed lamp, broken door jam, & license plate written down for me
Was all I had to go off from
Go home, rest your weary head, & will you be okay?
I told my neighbor
Pulled out my pad
Did some research
It took some time
Eventually I found the address I needed to go to
Pushing our bed over
I placed my left index fingerprint on a floor board were I hid my custom tactical gun
Grabbing 3 clips
I took time to attach the red laser & screw the suppresser on
Kicked up dirt from stone driveway
Black tire marks left on pavement
Came to a long driveway
Small security house sit
One camera moving side to side
Iron gated fence
With key card operated slot to get in
Its the only way in & out
Pulling up beside the security house
Two men stand
There guns ready to shoot
Rolled window down
“Excuse me, where’s the closet store to here?”
Didn’t even give them a chance to answer me
Trigger finger
Pulled slowly
Accurate hit
Capped both of them in the head + the camera
Men in white jump suits surround her
Strapped upright at a angle on the medical bed
Mouth sealed tight
Her eyes open in horror from the daze she was in
She fights to break free
Needle syringe filled with numbing agent
Stuck in between her spine
Feeling the fluid numb her bottom half
Head slams back
Calibrated machine
Feeds glowing poison slow through its mouth
Travels underneath her flesh
So thick it has trouble trying to corse through her veins
Snatched card key off the dead man
Sneaking up to the hidden base
Two guys spotted in a room talking behind the pane
One walks aways
The other sees a strange object moving in the tall grass
To close to me
Snagging him down
“Were his she”
Warm barrel pressed up against his skull
“……..” No answer comes from his mouth
Again, I pull the trigger slow
Dumped body lays on other side of fence
My back now up against wall
I wait for the other to get suspicious
As soon as he opens the door
Stepping around
I kick in his knee
Covering his mouth
Snapping his neck
No answer from him
Momentarily pause in front of the door
Dead men lay behind me in hallway
One clip, only 3 rounds left
Take a deep breath in
Opening door
Focusing not on her
But the last man standing in the room
Laser drawn to his head
He, getting ready to inject her one last time
3 rounds go quickly through his skull
Death grip on the last syringe
As he falls
Careful to undue the straps holding her
Body cold, glowing poison shows only in her arm
To thick, it didn’t make its way through to the rest of her veins
“Close your eyes, unless you want to see dead bodies on your way out”
Carried her out back to our vehicle
Once home
I feed must of my blood through a tube
Into her veins
Were it pushed out all the poison



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