Best Year of Side Shows


Sign reads
Walk in on withered floor boards
Bell rings
Good gent.
How may I help you today?
Besides this odd weather we are having today
Thumb flipped silver coin
Caught by cashier
Sound of his cane
Walk this way into obscurity
Tips off black top hat to you
Before entering into the hidden passage
Walk up to the shore of crumbling buildings
Stare through the pare of glasses left by many
Warped concrete can be seen miles ahead
Sail forgotten streets
Mesh fences bend out of shape
Cable cars stick half way out of tall buildings
Bright colored candy green grass facade
Sparkles under a vibrant cold sun
Sends forth plastic snowflakes
Take cover under raised asphalt made cove
Saw dust wind blows in from unknown coordinates
Tree covered in avatars glasses
Be quick & snag a pare
Like the aftermath of showering arrows shot high up in the air
Propellers stick up from being stuck in the ground
Opened parachutes move like jellyfish in the sky
Steam pumps out of a empty factory ahead
Crank the old time automobile to drive over to
Army of termites come and eat up all the fallen sawdust
Just has you made your escape from
Park the car on yellow painted lines
Door rusted by years of rain & moister
Makes it hard to break in
Shimmy up the gutter leading to the roof
Sky windows covered in soot & melted plastic snowflakes
The palm of your hand feels the warm heat coming off the pane
As you wipe your hand over on a small spot not covered with melted snowflakes
Peeking in
Orange ore baths of melted metals light up certain spots in the factory
Not enough glow to see the whole picture though
Rusted winch to open all windows won’t move
Throw a brick through the pane
Shattered mess left at bottom
A few parachutes lay covered on top the roof
Twine some para cord together
Tie one end to the sturdy gutter
Drop the other end down into the factory
Shimmy down slowly
Palms begin to sweat & burn from the friction
Just has you get close to the bottom
You fall off just enough to hit the floor hard
Knocked unconsciously
Waking up momentarily
Gather your surroundings
You struggle at first to get up
Finally getting up
First thing you notice is a faint light peering through a crack in the door
At the end of the corridor
Fingers typing fast away at the typewriter
Open the slowly
Sits the man in the black top hat
Turning around
His thumb flips a silver coin back to you
Asking how your trip was
Through this odd land
Pointing you in the direction of the exit
He says “have a good day gent.”
As he tips his top hat off to you
The bell to the door rings on your exit out
Headed down the old time board walk of side shows, black & white striped swimming dresses & freak shows
Newsboy says “come one, come all to take a trip into obscurity & mystery!!”



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