Streaming Transitions


Streaming transitions

Orange chocolate

Melts in your mouth

Down the crease of lip

Inbetween the crack of your chin

Dial in the nobs to the transition radios

Someones knocking out a morses code

Behind padded walls

Telegraphs decoded

Adjust the cassette tape

Spinning counterclockwise

Hit the record button

White noises fade in & out

Fried out tubes

Waiting to be replaced

Stick’em in the peanut oil

Static buzzes in the ears of your attuned mind

Close the glass cap

Submerge to the sea of electromatic frequencies

Ride the rails of a radio tube train

Plug in the audio cable

From streaming transitions

Fiber optics make up the cortex of your mind

Rotational flip back to the water line

Lit gasoline

Ignites burning frequencies into a scintillation expanse

Aspire for what sets deep within

Use both hands to stretch out the projection in front of you

Study carefully

Digital projection leads to notes on the lines

Head back into the padded room

Sit in the retro swivel chair

Playback the notes & set the beat

Streaming transitions

Leads me

Into a

Extravagance trance

Of melody

Flavor of the orange chocolate melts in my mouth



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