52 Pick Up, Tossed Ace’s & Diamond’s


Toss the used deck of cards
52 pickup
Ace’s & diamond’s
Jokers wild
Dances with the queen of unjust hearts & king
They don’t find him that funny
Fell through the trapped door
This ain’t his lucky 7 today
Swimming with crocs
At the bottom of the pit
50 pickup
Ace’s & diamonds fall
It might be your lucky 7 tonight
Hand delivered
Invitation to the masquerade ball
Specially sealed pressed emblem of stamped wax
Take the time
Pieced together mask
Resembles something nice
Covers half of your beautiful face
48 pickup
Black ace’s & diamond’s tossed to the marble floor
Grand band starts to rehearse for the dance
Hung decorations
Light up the hall
He paces back and forth
Pulling things together
That will make up his mask
46 used cards left
At the same time
Both stand at two different mirros from across the land
Placing each mask on
All quest have recieved their invitations to come
Theirs not as special as yours
A personal request from him to you
44 when fell, slide arcoss the floor
She doesn’t know him personally
Only by his name
Misted perfume
From the vile
Sweetens her neck
43 quest have alraedy arrived
It won’t be long before her carriage arrives
This isn’t your typical night
The number of pedals she pulls
He loves me not
Don’t believe in such crap
41 loops & ties
She takes a deep breath in
Maid pulls corset tight
40 seconds later
Exhale out
Finished getting dressed up nice
She’s ready to go
He waits for her to show
The carriage arrives
Velvet white glove
Balled in fist
Knocks at her door
37 spiral steps
She takes her time down
Heart races for excitement to get to the ball
36th step
She almost trips
Quick to regain oneself
She answers the door
35 smile a mile high
Coachman opens the door
Lands her a hand
Helping her up inside
34 A bouquet of flowers sit
Waiting on the plush seat
Small note attached
33 to 24
The time it takes for her to arrive
She blends in with the crowd
All the quest are sworming in
24 to 10
The deck of cards
Slowly being placed back in
He stands behind the railing
A top the spiral staircase
Note read, in carriage
“Place these satin angel wings on, so I can find you much easier in the crowd of people”
He walks on down
Searches for her
Goes upbehind her
Speaks in her ear
Calling her by her name
He says “follow me”
Up the spiral staircase they go
Waiting to make sure no one else is looking
Around the corner of the hall they go
Opens a secret door
That leads up to a room on the third floor
She follows him in from behind
Into a more comfortable room
Turns to her
Kisses her lips before he takes off her mask
She does the same to him
1 Ace’s & Diamond’s
Make a good pare
Deck of 52
Picked up off the marble floor




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