Luna Moth


Luna moth

She flutters away into the cold nightfall

Looks for a better place to warm up

Guided by the distance of stars, lukewarm moon & burning street lamps


She’s not attracted to the bulbs that resemble the sun

Unlike the other ones

They burn out & spiral to the ground

She looks for a place to land

In the illuminated darkness

Night birds surveillance from above

Picking the weak off & easy to get ones

Taking small rest on the way

Hoping she won’t be taken away

She’s spotted by one of the birds

The pattern on her wings had been rubbed out

I saw you in the cold night

Illuminated by the lukewarm moon

I came down to cover you

Showing my wings off to the bird

He quickly turned around

To prowl on another one

Has I laid covering her

Her blood warmed up

So we fluttered into the cold night

Until we found a spot to rest together



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