Bring Your Worries Down…


Bring your worries down…

And if you feel the need…

Collected tears in a glass jar…..

Feed off my hearts desire….

And when you feel the need

Share what’s on your mind!

Carry you to the bed….

Sweat away the pain!

When I have you laid out…

I softly speak into your ear….

“Amore the way you move & O, how you come to me & say I’m the one for you”

Brings me to tears…

When I hear you say!

That your the one for me…

Pupils dilate….

From the effect of those sweet words from my mouth…

Our love turns into the color of a burning ember…

Pouring tears from the class jar

Into the rain…

To be washed away

Hold me tight & say

“I want to be in the moment with you”

Collected tears in a jar…

Happiness is just around…

And when it rains

I’ll pour those tears out!



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