Irises Coated In Static Snow


Subliminal messages

Moving motions

Play in front of you on the tube

Don’t even take the time to blink

Droned in like a zombie

Produce a ocular demonstration of fuzzy static

Transitions made by climbing up the broadcasting tower

Attached to the roof of your house

Swaying back a forth

Little old lady peeks through curtains

Watching you sway back and forth

Thinks she sees a oversized cat swaying in the wind

Swaying in rhythm with the other tall pine trees

Strong signal pulls you up from the bottom of your feet

Hold your grip for as long as you can

Before you decide to let go

Broadcasted signal confuses ears

White snow coats irises

Signal pulls away from you

Once you leave our blue planet

Regain clear vision

Static bounces off eardrums

Clear hearing

Try to,

Avoid space junk

Float away to the Milky-Way

Next stop, the outer rim of Jupiter

Pass black holes taking in small planets

How long you decide to stay up there,

Is all up to

Catch the cold breeze from Pluto

Fluent motion set towards dead space

Tower stops swaying in the wind

Empty room

Static snow on the tube clears up

Lost in the stars far from earth


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