Hawk Eyes See Her Aerial Dance



Hawk, cuts out and from away

Spreading wings

Extend over

Gliding freely from

Excess crashing waves

Yearning a taste

For more than just sex

Violently tearing into its captured prey

Dropping carcuss

To become one with the elements

Back into

Flying over combining rain clouds

Take shelter in a cold cave along side a cliff

Travel along at a steady pace

Mercurial while you go after your next meal

All the other mates have seem to have taken the best aerial danceing females

Hawk eyes

Pick up on one female that is left from the flock

Fly your way to her

Dance together

Like you’ve know each other

Our dance becomes more intense

Above the crashing waves

She takes me through the funnel

Darting out the other end

Straight back up

Flying over the clouds

Back through

Hawk eyes see the massive thunder storm coming in

A wall of rain

Blocks us in

We both take refuge in the rigid cave

Keeping each other warm until the storm passes



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