Levitated Bubbles


Air bubbles


Don’t dissipate

Into dry ice

Thick smoke builds up into the air

Search light cuts through the smoke

Trail of levitated bubbles

I will continue to follow

Force there way up and arise from her mouth

Into dry ice

Suspeneded under water

Reminds me of gravity

The cause of my voice

Brings her body to

In the thick distance I can see her

She’s floating on her back

I come by

Before she starts to sink

I sweep her up

I lay her

On weathered planks

Resonating downward pressure

Into her cavity airways

Don’t give up hope!

Fill my lungs to the max

Resonating oxygen

Send forth down her throat

Wet lipstick

Covers my lips


Suddenly she coughs up tainted liquid

Mixed with delusive toxins

False poisions

Thought they had her

Suspened for good under

The last bubble levitates away

Leaves the dry ice that starts to dissipate

Prop her up

To wipe the run down makeup from her face

So glad to see you, she said

I’v traveled far from my homeland

In search of you

The legends about your beauty are true



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