Fantaji Came True



“fantasy” in Japanese

“boat” in Japanese

Web definitions
traveling (especially on foot).

Web definitions
An is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around…

(esp. of sound) Sweet and soothing (often used ironically): “record the dulcet tones of your family and friends”.
sweet – melodious – mellifluous – tuneful – soft

A fantaji waiting to come true in a bōto

Wayfaring down the gorgeous small river

Set the mood

Orchard trees

Hang over calm moving mirror image

Koi fish swim up river

Perseverance in adversity

Strength & purpose

Only the strongest make it

Until it reaches the final waterfall

Vaulting into the mist

Passing beneath hull & heel

Under the bōto

Dulcet tunes

Come from the night birds

And other beautiful creatures that live in the bamboo forest

Breakaway from the water beginning to speed up

Not to much further ahead

Lies a great drop

One koi fish makes it

Vaulting into the mist

Walk down a carved spiral path together

Carved by nature

I will lead you to the outdoor onsen

We become more warm

From the hot spring

Later that evening

For the first time

I see the outline of her body

Undress from behind the panal wall

Bed sits low to the floor

Koi fish swim upstream

Our fantaji came true


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