Memoirs Of Growing Up


Press in

Maintain the flavor of the music playing

Cut loose

Jump into the mosh pit

Thrash hands & feet

Once I

Saw stars

Fist plant in my face

From my former younger days

Gone to listen to local bands near me

Hung out in a small crowd of friends growing up in our neighborhood

Doing our best jackass stunt impressions

Nickname like, “Birdman” given to me

From jumping off garages

Making makeshift ramps to jump off from

Hung out at our secret pad “Hippie Pond” back in the woods

We used to do crazy stuff that amused us

Memories that stir up fun times

Always brings me back to those days

Fight with bamboo swords with my role model, back in Silver Springs, Md

Thought I was cool with my black trench coat

Running on the side of walls

Mohawk stood tall above my head

Plaid checkered pants

Black finger nails painted

My senior year in school

You’ll find the only photo of me in the very back of my yearbook

Standing beside my 7ft. coffin

I made in shop class

So, continue to make good memories

As long as you live



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