Colliding Atoms


Cut to precise

Raw diamonds in the barrel of her eyes

I saw you standing up against the diamonds strewn across the wall

Walking towards me with a sexy attitude

Arms stretched out towards me

Locking hands

The wind takes off the sidewalk

To open space

I smell the fragrance of her body as it passes over me

Zero gravity

Surrounds us

Watch the earth slowly spin

Endless universe to explore with you

Beauty of the unknown

She implores me

“Seek my core”

Where she keeps

Her love waiting to break away

I Pick out a new born star

Swallowing it whole

I hold back the explosion of elements happening inside me

Two separated atoms collide when we open our mouths at the same time

Our love

Transmits over satellites

Casting through the radio waves

Travel further out into space

Stars & planets strewn across the infinite unknown

We carry our star

Watch it grow into a thriving planet of our love

To live on



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