Suppress The Emotions


Jokers grin on my face

Reflects in the rear view mirror

Foot on the pedal

Blaring music

Exhilarating drum bass

Turning the volume nob just a little higher

Careful not to blow the speakers

Head nods to the exhilarating song “my own summer – shove it” from the Deftones

Lips asborb powerful felt lyrics coming from the singers mouth over the speakers

It’s just the open road and me

Press down a little harder on the accel pedal

My back is stuck up against the seat

Black pavement becomes faster under the belly of the Lotus car

Blowing off some steam

Endorphins kick in mixed with massive adrenaline

Smooth speed sailing around the curves

She can never distort thier minds

No matter what

Their already healed

Surpress like you would a gun

Expend all emotions across the hot pavement

Joins up with the blistering bubbles on simmering asphalt


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