Vile Says “Drink Me”


Baby girl lays in the white carriage,

under the english sun

It’s a cool day to giggle at the sparrows swooping down for a drink from the bird bath

Quickly turning her eyes to the pink pedals spiraling down from the blossom tree

Her parents have tea for two,

eating shortbread & biscuits with strawberry jam

Talking about politics & nonsense

Short legs running through the lavender fields

Chasing after butterflies & dragonflies

She finds the great cherry tree

Standing at the bottom of the tree

Ticking away

Peeks her head into the hallowed hole at the bottom of the tree

Finds a golden pocket watch

Her mothers voice calls out, “Alice, It’s time for dinner!”

Tucking it away in the pocket

She starts to run towards back home

After dinner,

she stores it away in her treasure chest

The sun begins to set

She dresses for bed

Mother reads her a story

Eyes set heavy,

she’s off to sweet dream land

The house is quiet,

A mysterious white rabbit dressed in a mixed match of colorful palettes

Twitching his way to the front door,

he his most indefinitely hyped up from the amount of sugar he puts in his tea

He conjures up the ability to turn the knob slowly

Tiptoes up the spiral staircase & down the narrow hall

He begins to loose all control

This was not his first attempt you see

Before in the past,

he tried once in a blue moon,

to attain the very thing that is precious to him,

that keeps him on time,

so he won’t be late to the tea parties he attends

Alice is now young in her teens

Floor boards creak from underneath his hairy feet

Pretending to be asleep

She knows it is him

Thinking he’s going to be caught this time

He grabs the chest,

Alice jumps out of bed


he takes off quick hopping & running back through the hall with the chest in hand

Alice goes after the mysterious white rabbit this time

He, yelling down the hallway, “I’m going to be late!”

Alice’s parents dead asleep

She can barely keep up

The sun slowly starts to rise

As she continues to run after him

Forced to follow his foot imprints

Leading up to the hallowed opening in the bottom of the cherry tree

Peaking her head in at first,

Something differently strange this time

A pitch black hole catches her attention this time

Drawling her in,

knees bent,

looking down for a bit into the hole

Rips a silver button off her pant pocket,

drops it into the darkness,

she never hears it hit

Hers eyes get lost in the darkness,

Alice loses her center of balance,

falling in

Grabs a root,

she tries to hold on for dear life

It’s not the root that breaks,

she loses her grip

Amount of silence,

until she lets out a scream

Dropping fast,

when will this end?

She faints in mid air,

awaken by bells ringing,

there is all this silverware, glass mirrors & other stuff falling around her

Things begin to warp & bend

except for her

Stop!, she cries out,

fainting for the last time

Opens her eyes,

“I’m glad it was only a bad dream”

Taking a first glance around,

a gold door with a key hole and lock

Not to mention everything is much bigger than me

Alice sees a vile that says “drink me”,

a cookie cutter punched out shape heart cookie that says “eat me”,

& a skeleton key on the table above her

Managing to climb up the wall,

she is able to jump on top of the table,

mouth is dry

knocking over the vile

She takes a sip,

her body expands to the right height to grab the key,

stomach rumbles from the emptiness

Next she eats the cookie with key in hand

Both her & the key shrink to the right size

No time to waste,

Opening the golden door,

leads to a whole new unique world

Young teenage girl,

goes on to find the white rabbit



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