Glass Flower & Phantom Cam


Ready the phantom cam for the show

Dim the lights in theatre

Word comes over the rotary dial phone

“I received the invitation”

She dresses in elegance

Ready for the show

Anticipation causes her to wait outside in the cold

Taxi pulls up to the cracked paint chipped bench

Driver properly opens back door

Fare already paid for

On her way over on the dangerous road

They wait behind the red velvet curtains to start the show

When she arrives

Opening the heavy door

First thing she spots from the light

A glass lotus flower lays on the floor

She grabs both

With a note attached

Stating were to sit

She finds the spot on the mezzanine floor

Looking down at her

From the projection room

Show is about to begin

Both their hearts race

He sees her sit there

“It drives me crazy”

She sits there

“It drives me wild”

Phantom cam begins to fill

Curtains slowly open

The show begins

That he prepared years for her

A story of their life together

From the beginning to end

Plays out a journey of their love on stage

Filming the whole show

Adds it to his collection of their love story videos

Coming near to the end of the show

They bow before her

Standing in the doorway

Fedora tilted forward

Covers the tears of joy from his eyes

“She drives me crazy”

“He drives me wild”

They both walk off together

Continuing to make memories

Until the day they die



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