Explained In Such Love


When we meet face to face

It’s obligatory

Peel back the skin on my face

Lines from my smile

Trace ear to ear

Shows that I’m happy

That your here

Don’t turn Away!

Continue to peel

You’ll find

It’s better that way

When we meet face to face

It’s obligatory

Bore a hole on the side of my Skull !

Take a look inside my brain

What you’ll find

Are memories once locked away

Take the key I’m handing to you

Memories now synthesized

Warm images become whole

A stop motion video

Playing in front of you

Enter into the cortex of your Brain!

Do you remember now?

Lost your memory

When two cars collided that day

My heart dropped into my chest

I first saw your body laying halfway through the windshield

Dropped my eyes

Metal rebar protruded from your side

I ran to

Even visited you

In the hospital room

Were the machines, wires & my blood kept your heart beating

I began to come weak

It’s obligatory that we meet like this

I’d never gave up on You!

Go back that day

No need to worry

It wasn’t your fault anyway

So remove that thought from your head

Lines on your face trace ear to ear

Quickly kissing me



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