Well, hello Mr. Scorpion


They brought me to the middle of nowhere

Quick to open the door,
tossed me to the ground.

He said walk north,
until you start to hear a cry for help from your lover.

Pulled the blindfold from my eyes

Collect my bearings

Start crossing the plane,
skin so dry & body weak.

I’m not so sure
you’ll make it to the other side.

My mind keeps replaying over to me

Mirages mess with my weary head

It must be hard to see how far ahead I need to travel,
before I get to her.

Dragging both feet through dry dessert sand.

Snakes trail behind me

Slither through the grains

Cactuses turn into outlines

How many of her,
do I have to see?

Set mid day

O, don’t you know,
suns at its hottest point in the day.

Small rocks give shade,
not enough to hide from the heat.

“Mr. Scorpion,
don’t try to poison me”.

Parched from the dry air & heat

Find a good place to dig out your grave

Or overtime the sand will cover you

“Deep hole”,
I have dug,
thought I’d lay in,
and fall asleep,
fills in with water from the mud,
that came from the last rain.

Filter out the water from the mud,
with the shirt from my back.

It’s not long before,
I can hear a faint alert sound coming from the distance.

Found within me,
hope & my faith,
I hear her voice,
not far from me.

They attached her to a post

Left for dead,
I thought to myself in the back of my head.

A jeep lay several yards ahead

Just as the sun started to set,
I was quick to notice the jeep.

What kind of sick ambush was this?

Undoing each knot,
I stood in front of her to undo the last knot,
so she’d fall into my arms.

He started to head towards us,
with his heavy foot on the pedal.

A large splint from the post,
protrudes from the round side.

He meets up to us,
calmly opens the door,
and steps out,
with a loaded gun in hand.

Pops a round off into my wife’s leg,
so I end up tossing sand into his face.

Temporally blind,
I run over to the post,
and pull the splint off.

He lies on his knees,
distrout from the sand.

I take one swing,
nocking him down for the count.

We ride off in the jeep to safety

Guy wakes up,
to find himself tied to the post.

“Hello Mr. Scorpion”,
crawling up the guys leg.

He try’s not to flinch,
but he accidentally does anyway.

A quick jab from his tail,
injects the bad man with poison into his leg.

He screams in agony

I stop the jeep,
“Honey, I have to remove the bullet,
and clean the wound,
I don’t want your leg to get infected”.

Searching the jeep,
I find makeshift stuff.

She screams in agony

All is done,
we pick up where we left off,
before they took us.



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