Unattached & Ascending



From the string

Floating over the rooftops & busy city streets

Fumes bellow from tall stacks & sewer caps

The wind guides me higher

Below I see

Congested avenues & boulevards

Sun hits the panes

Creating a sea of glass

Melodramatic kid

Watches me ascend higher into the toxic fumes

Sobbing to his mom

I reach beyond his view

Sweet words of affirmation from his mom

Calm him down

Several streets ahead

Young girl slowly releases her balloon

Intrigued by the way it ascends

Wind guides it to the contour of my round shape body

Passing each other

The sun shows our one translucent color

Her eyes and feet follow in the direction of the balloon

They bump into each other

Spending the rest of thier childhood playing together

Walk out from cathedral doors

To tossed rice and dove birds

They left for the beautiful Italian countryside

Bought two balloons

Two lovers released them at the same time



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