Safe and Sound For Now


Lunge towards me!
Before I have to watch you die in front of me

Don’t let your dress
Get pulled down by the shifting cracks

She screams out
Don’t let me fall!

Tear enough of the dress
Before you lunge towards me

Beneath us
Bodies flow
Down the make shift river they go

Sound of sirens from the city
Can be heard miles away

People live in fear
That they might die

Save what you can
Friends, people you don’t know even your own kin

Adrenaline keeps you alive
Giving you extra strength

Lunges towards you
Missing the hand grip

Think I’v lost her
Take a look over the ledge

She struggles to hold onto the flag post
Slowly each finger peels back from holding on the post

Their is still time
Quickly reach down
Pull her up

Safe in your arms
Siren continues to scream on throughout the city



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