“When Will We Meet”


what are you doing?,
while I wait
I wonder,
as I think about her
she is,
beautiful and stunning

what’s on your mind?,
how are your days and nights going?
he gives me,
dreams about her
your face is blurred out by,
the sun

I will know when God brings her to me
until then,
I wait patiently
it will happen,
when I least expect it

I don’t like using the word sex,
I’d rather make love to you instead
what we do in between the sheets
Is know ones else’s business

when your with me,
I will always,
treat you like a lady

days and nights,
I can’t stop thinking about her
hoping sweet dreams for you

a fervent prayer avails,
much in you
both our hearts,
can heal one another’s

what are you up to,
while I patiently wait for you



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