“Suspended Catatonically”


Eyes roll back in his head
Soul transcends into the other side
“He’s better off, DEAD!”
That’s what her voice said
“He’s better off, DEAD!”

Suspended catatonically
His body floats freely
Over flowing water pours out the sides
Submerged in the cast iron ceramic tub
Muffled noises are muted from his ears

She thinks he gave up the fight easily
His ability to struggle
Didn’t appear to be
In his will to fight back
“He’s better off, DEAD!”

Temporarily between worlds
He looks behind him
And says,
“She’s going to pay for what she did”

Light begins to break through
A opening in, the desolit sky

Turning towards the light
As they try to drag you down with them
Reach your hand out
“She’s going to pay for what she did”

Soul rejoins your dead body
In a moment
Time slows down
Quickly blessing the overflow
Tossing your body towards her

knock her in and holding her down
She struggle to stay above
Your attempt to drown her, succeeds
Water begins to boil from her nonhuman body

Not as sweet as she seems
“She’s better off this way”

Reaching over to the other side
Demons chase her down
Tearing her apart
For her attempts to kill me
Didn’t succeed

Eventually the water cools down
Showing her true evil self

Walk away and says
“She’s better off this way”


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