“Rays From The Sun”


Become the backwards man,
Find yourself flipping into the sun’s ray’s…..
Oil and water separate,

Sea manages to float overhead…..
“Come close to me”!,
From the voice calling out your name,

Temporarily blinded from the rays,
See with your ears instead,
Relics from the past intertwined with kevlar and silk,

Pulled back for viewing,
Your body as a temple to be reckoned with,
Strike the match to get a better look,

Crumbling towers fall all around,
More damage as been done than expected,
All things must burn,

Striking the matchbox,
You tossed the match towards the foundation,
To finish the destruction,

Watch the flames rise,
Ash fell like snow,
Taking weeks to clean up the debris,

Turning your head,
Glancing over your right shoulder,
You saw engraved golden symbols on a box, that stated “open me”,

A skeleton key dangling from your neck,
Opened the box,
Blank rolled up parchment lay inside,

Fountain pen placed in hand,
Newly drawn blueprints,
For a more fortified temple,

Set a good foundation to build off from this time,
Bury all bad thoughts underneath,
The seeds you have planted will grow new things overtime


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