“Raining Bullets”


What if you end up dead and bloated?
Her distressed voice calling out
He, loading a round mag in the tommy gun
Cocking hammer back
One round ready to go
Sweetie, don’t worry about me
She, pulling him in tight
Might be her last kiss
Dressed for revenge
Black zoot suit looking good on him
Hops into 31 Buick series sadan
Tips hat off towards her
Heads down the dusty narrow road
Once he reaches the warehouse by the dock
Gangster men
Start firing from window sills
Rain of bullets showers down at sadan
Hiding behind crated boxes
He pops off a few rounds
Taking a few out
Some drop to the hard ground
Doors to the warehouse open up
His foe runs to the end of the dock
Throws down his tommy gun
Pulls colt 45. out
Aims it towards is foe
Gun jams
Another guy comes up from behind his back
Garrote quickly wraps around his neck
Cuts off the last bit oxygen he has
Then cuts the main artery
To make sure he’s dead
Both drive off in his sadan
Word reaches his wife
That he’s dead
She can’t sleep for the first few nights
In time she will get her revenge



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