“Indelible Ink”



Drawings of my ideas handed to the artist who is going to inject indelible ink into my rough skin,
Razor blade cuts hair from my skin,
Cleaning agent is used to clean the flesh,
Sharpy used to trace out curves and lines,
Partly mapped out canvas
Lays across my forarm
Buzzing noise coming from the tattoo machine,
Ink being sucked up through a clear plastic tube,
Repeatily in and out from different syringe tips,
Holding down my skin tight,
Forcing indelible ink through several layers of skin,
Ink and blood bleed out through the pores,
I can manage the pain,
Vibrating radius and ulna bones,
He keeps a steady hand,
Unique artwork comes together in time,
Taking mini breaks to rest his wrist,
Shading in the lines,
Closer I see the image that is being permanently made,
A story to be seen and told,
I don’t mind carrying the artwork with me for the rest of life,
Alcohol pads clean off the ink and blood,
Celafain and tape wrapped around forarm,
Tip handed to the artist for a awesome job well done,
I love the way ink and skin combine



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