“Gun Blades Clash”



Salt flats stretch miles into the distance,
Ground racing under the hover bike,
Trying to stay hydrated from the small amount of water in the camel pack,
Long white trench coat,
Blows in the wind,
A gun blade attached underneath the lightweight coat to his back,
Face cracked and dry from the salt,
Stopping the hover bike,
He lifts up his goggles,
Reaches in his leather satchel,
Places high tech gear up to his eyes,
Dialing in on his enemy ahead,
He as her bound up tight,
Flips the start switch,
Adrenaline increases concentration the closer he gets,
Suddenly he cuts the hydro engine off,
Turning the bike sideways,
Lunging into the air,
Draws the gun blade and points it towards his enemy,
A intense battle commences,
Sparks fly when both their blades collide,
He weakens his enemy to the ground,
Blade pointed towards him,
The bullet spirals out from the barrel,
And into his enemy’s cold heart,
Carries his lover to the bike,
Ridding off in the distance,
Reaching thier destination,
Carries her over to a pool of healing water,
Tears from his eyes mixed with unconditional love for her,
Aeons watch from up high,
Guarding their love for all time



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