Part 1″Trail Of Feathers From Damaged Wings”


As the earth slowly spins,
The clouds roll by in the pink tinted sky,
I’v been waiting for my angel to fall into my arms,
Fighting to stay awake,
Looking down at the small buildings and city streets,
Appear to be coming closer to her,
The clouds billow away as her body passes through them,
Fighting to stay awake isn’t easy as it seems,
When your plummeting to the streets,
I stand there waiting for her at the corner,
The wings on her back are damaged,
Leaving a trail of feathers behind,
Free falling through the clouds,
Still I stand and wait for my angel in disguise,
Spending my days and nights waiting,
Even I’v dreamed of what beautiful looks she as,
Endearing qualities on her face don’t seem to fade,
From the force of the wind on her face,
Clouds roll by from the earth spinning,
Even I’v been thinking about her for some time,
What you were doing in your daily life before falling from the sky?,
She lands in my arms,
Slowly awaking,
Gazing into my eyes,
I’ll stand here patiently waiting,
It’s only a matter of time before we meet,
Watching my life go on around me



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