“Aloft In Obscurity”


Rising early in the morning at daybreak

you’ve had plenty of time to get it down by now

just at the brink of coexistence with the other tech type workers

Stuck in nonindulgeing cubicles

Wearing attire backwards

Headed to work

Park the car in your empty boss’s parking slot

You run around in the spiral door

Race to hit the shiny red button from ground floor

Aloft in obscurity

Watching two men stand on hanging scaffolding

Cleaning the bird crap off

Squeak…. Squeak…….

I’v had enough of that sound!

The guy next to you punctures a tank

Respiring in the laughing gas

Leaks imperceptible fumes

Fills the now expanding vapor in your cubicle

Concentrating in the lungs

Finding it hard to hold it in

You start laughing hysterically

Men in white jump suits soon arrive

Taking you away

Joining the ranks of the mentally insane

Forced to take medication everyday

Hoping for freedom to come and take you away

Some how you manger to escape

Finding your way back home

Crawl into bed

Wait till daybreak

To start searching for answers

By:Anthony P.I. Leto a.k.a ObligatoryInsightPoet


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