Ash & Obsidian

staring at black sand receding into the over lapping calm waves onto the shore line coast,
your eyes create the illusion of that image slowly moving further away,
this happens when you finally stop the same consistent moving of your daily routine,
vileness and the enmity of the pollution in the water that keeps you at bay,
thoughts begin to seep into the different colors of beach sand that come from a chemical mixture of ash and obsidian,
when you’ve stopped staring,
and your thoughts finish seeping,
your eyes have only created the illusion of good thoughts seeping through the unlimited amount of sand,
bad thoughts are only a reminder so you don’t relive them again,
feeling safe already,
you take a final stand,
to dive right into the vile water again,
don’t let it effect what you’ve let go,
submerge deep below,
pressure from the water begins to crush the bones,
staring into the dark unknown,
noticing a luminous glow,
diminishes away further you go,
eyes have only created by another illusion this time,
feeling the need to implode,
expend the way that you felt just then,
laying on receding black sand,
from the overlapping waves once again
By: ObligatoryInsighPoet©

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